Pangea Real Estate Review
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Pangea Real Estate Review

This is a review of the new real estate company Pangea. This company takes antique apartments and remodels them and brings the up to modern code. The results are astonishing and they offer $250 off the first month. Anyone who is looking to move into an affordable apartment for cheap, this is the agency to look for.

As the economy continues its downward spiral of making their hard working citizens give up their homes due to the lack of jobs, it seems as if that there is no hope in sight for those looking to set themselves into the idea of the American dream. Although there isn’t much we can do about whats going on, but one company understands what you are going through and would love to get you started or rebound from your present situation, Pangea Real Estate has you covered.

The newly found real estate has been taking recently foreclosed homes and apartments and rehabbing them to something you may seen in a home and garden magazine. With all new flooring, kitchen cabinets and so much more that has been done to these apartments, this real estate promises that those who will rent or buy from them are promised to fall in love with all the new features that have been placed in this living spaces. So as you are saving for that dream house one day, you don't have to live in a dump as you pay your hard earned money to a slum lord, you can live in luxury (so luxurious that you may take your time saving for a house and just enjoy your newly furnished apartment)

the best part about this estate is that they just don't have a small area of housing, they have housing in all parts of Illinois including Chicago (South, North and West side) Oak Park, and Calumet just to name a few. And some may think that some of these areas may be a bit pricy, but all of Pangea's housing units are affordable and fits within your price range (perfect for those with a tight budget). Giving you the peace of mind to live your life without stressing over those nagging landlords who are quick to get rent, but slow to fix your broken faucet.

Unlike its competitors, Pangea understands the situations that is going on in the economy and those who are looking to rent from the company will get discounts which includes money off their first months rent, which can be a big help to those starting.

The Pangea Real Estate company is building its headquarters all through the Chicago area. If you are interested in looking for a beautiful refurbished apartment or home for a price that won't break the bank, visit one of their newly established headquarters in your neighborhood today or go online and search for the apartment you want for the prices that you can afford.


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Comments (1)

PANGEA REAL ESTATE is a ripoff!  Deceptive and Lies, they take money and refuse to refund